Our DNATraccia is premixed and lyophilized PCR reagents. It is optimized to be: ready to use, easy to use, high quality, robust, reliable, and transportable at ambient temperature.  

Currently, we have DNATraccia that can be used to detect bacteria, fungi, viruses, and animals. We have more than 150 DNA tracers available for our clients. Our DNATraccia has been developed to: (i) be ready-to-use upon arrival, (ii) have a straightforward procedure, (iii) target a specific organism, (iv) serve as a quick diagnosis, (v) have a long shelf-life at ambient temperatures. In addition to this, we offer a service to design and develop DNATraccia in accordance with the customer’s needs. These custom made products are usually ready for our customers within 2-3 weeks, while we still maintain a high standard of accuracy and precision. 


Our current discovery and innovation of ready to use DNATraccia can be utilized using PCR machines from different generations or technologies: 1. End-point PCR (conventional PCR): the first generation of PCR. When our customers are using our products, their PCR products are ready to load into DNA gel electrophoresis with no need to add loading buffers. 2. Quantitative PCR/qPCR: the second generation of PCR. We have added fluorescence dyes in our ready to use DNA to allow monitoring of the desired product at any point in the amplification process. 3. Reverse-transcriptase qPCR: the third generation of PCR. We have added both fluorescence dyes and reverse-transcriptase in our DNATraccia products. It allows our customers to use RNA as samples for qPCR assays. 


OUR DNATraccia

1. Tracers for beneficial microbes: read more

2. Tracers for harmful microbes: read more


Mainly it improves our production quality which is very welcome. Additionally, not needing to mix our own reagents does, in a way, allow for more lab resources to be dedicated to improving production. By using DNATraccia’s DNA tracers, we are able to produce high-quality microbial products, estimate the percentage of each microbe in our proprietary products, and are also able to eliminate and minimize the presence of potential contaminants during manufacturing. It increases our confidence and peace of mind.

President, Applied Biotech Industries, Wisconsin, USA