Create DNATraccia that is affordable, accurate, and ready-to-use for PCR

Why choose our DNATraccia?

Our DNATraccia contains lyophilized PCR components to help laboratory professionals succeed with their lab works. It works as a DNA/PCR-based tracer.

Our DNATraccia is compatible with a wide range of conventional and real-time PCR instruments. As a result, our clients have more flexibility in using the product.

DNATraccia can also be produced to order (custom-made). Our products can solve a wide range of problems in bio-based industries such as agriculture, food, bioremediation, health care, and so on.


DNATraccia will save your time and money by assisting you in reducing errors.


DNATraccia allows you to run more PCR samples by removing the need for complex calculations and multiple PCR reagent pipetting.


By improving lab testing results, DNATraccia enables you to make more confident decisions.

Features of our DNATraccia

Mixing your own PCR mixtures can be tedious and costly, but that is not the case with DNATraccia. Everything is ready for you; our products can significantly improve quality of your PCR results.

1. Ready to Use

Contains DNA polymerases, dNTPs, buffers, magnesium, and stabilizers.  Either loading buffers or fluorescence dyes or reverse transcriptases can be added in our formulation, depending on the PCR assays/technologies.

2. Easy to Use

A quick and simple  protocol: Just add nuclease-free water and DNA samples to our DNATraccia, then mix, & run your PCR assays.

3, High Quality

Sourced materials with ISO 13485:2012.

4. Robust and reliable

Suitable for routine quality control and quick diagnosis.

5. Transportable at ambient temperature

It has been pre-mixed and lyophilized.

What can we do to assist you?


Mainly it improves our production quality which is very welcome. Additionally, not needing to mix our own reagents does, in a way, allow for more lab resources to be dedicated to improving production. By using DNATraccia’s DNA tracers, we are able to produce high-quality microbial products, estimate the percentage of each microbe in our proprietary products, and are also able to eliminate and minimize the presence of potential contaminants during manufacturing. It increases our confidence and peace of mind.

President, Applied Biotech Industries, Wisconsin, USA

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