PCR-ready, inexpensive, precise, and easy-to-use DNA tracers

Why pick up DNATraccia from us?

To aid lab professionals in completing their lab tasks successfully, our DNATraccia reagent contains dried PCR components.

Our DNATraccia work with many different conventional and real-time PCR devices. Thus, the product can be used by our clients with greater flexibility.

Additionally, unique DNATraccia can be created (custom-made). In bio-based industries like agriculture, food, bioremediation, health care, and others, our solutions can address a wide range of issues.


By supporting you in minimising errors, DNATraccia will help you save time and money.


DNATraccia frees you from the necessity for intricate calculations and multiple PCR reagent pipetting, allowing you to run more PCR samples.


DNATraccia enables you to make more sure-footed judgments by enhancing lab test outcomes.

Features of our DNATraccia

DNATraccia eliminates the time-consuming and expensive process of making your own PCR mixes. Our products can greatly raise the calibre of your PCR results, and everything is set up and ready for you.

1. Ready to Use

Contains DNA polymerases, dNTPs, buffers, magnesium, and stabilizers.  Either loading buffers or fluorescence dyes or reverse transcriptases can be added in our formulation, depending on the PCR assays/technologies.

2. Easy to Use

A quick and simple  protocol: Just add nuclease-free water and DNA samples to our DNATraccia, then mix, & run your PCR assays.

3, High Quality

Sourced materials with ISO 13485:2012.

4. Robust and reliable

Suitable for routine quality control and quick diagnosis.

5. Transportable at ambient temperature

It has been pre-mixed and dried.

What can we do to support you?

Are you interested in buying our DNATraccia reagent without probes?